Attendance and Punctuality


All pupils must attend school every day unless they are unwell. Children who are frequently late or absent from school are disadvantaged in their learning. It is important that all our families encourage the idea that school matters and they should attend every day and arrive on time. Good attendance is crucial to children’s progress .The school has a zero tolernace to absence, our pupils have to be ‘in it to win it’!!.  Any requests for holidays during term time are not permitted.

When your child is unwell you must telephone the school in the morning on the first day of absence and when your child returns to school you should send a note to the class teacher explaining the absence. We may send a text or telephone you at home if we are not advised of the reason why your child is absent from school. Any unknown reason for not attending school will be recorded and an unauthorised absence.  If your child is persistently absent or late we will contact our Education Welfare Officer who will contact you. Their role is to ensure that all children have good attendance. Only the school can authorise an absence and any request for absence should be addressed to the Headteacher who has the authority to decide whether or not to authorise the absence.

We would ask you ensure that appointments are made out of school hours, such as the dentist, doctor etc.  However, we do appreciate that it is not always possible to organise hospital appointments out side of school hours.  Please notify the school of the hospital appointment and provide us with a copy of the letter for our records.

Good habits start early and you may need to make some changes to your daily routines so that your children arrive at school on time. The first part of the day is important and if children arrive late they can miss a crucial introduction or explanation of a lesson. Punctuality is monitored in a similar way to attendance and persistent lateness will be followed up by our Education Welfare Officer.

The Education Welfare Officer for Merryhills is Patrick Lemonius.