We begin Year 1 by continuing the Early Years Curriculum, focussing on learning using the children’s interests and ensuring they are settled into the class and their environment.  We provide a safe and stimulating environment to ensure children can access the resources needed to support their learning and encourage children to become independant learners

There is a focus on developing the children’s speaking and listening skills, such as retelling stories through a variety of methods, for example role play and hot seating.  This is to develop childrens confidence and also embed a culture of team work, sharing and turn taking.

In Literacy we continue to work on our letter sounds, through reading and writing as well as developing letter formation using the cursive script.   We focus on ‘talk for writing’ to support children in developing and extending ideas and their understanding. The children learn to write in different styles with shared reading and creativity being a big part of this.

There is a large emphasis on Maths being hands on lessons to make maths learning engaging, exciting and fun, with children learning new skills through practical activities both in the classroom and in the outdoor environment.