2018 Statutory Test Results

Merryhills’ results maintain high standard; a commitment by all to achieve excellence in all areas!

At Merryhills, we are very proud to publish our 2018 results for the Phonics Screening Check in Year 1; the End of Key Stage 1 and the End of Key Stage 2 SATs. These results are validated in September 2018, including National figures.

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EYFS: All Prime Areas above 90% and Good Level of Development 82%
Phonics: 94% (5th year above 90%)
KS1: Reading 83% (An increase of 4% from 2017 following whole school focus)
KS2: Mathematics 87% and 2.77 Progress. 
Combined RWM 72% (11% increase on National 2017)

We would like to thank the children, parents and our staff for contributing to this great success.

 KS2 Performance Tables

2018 Statutory Test Results

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