School:  Merryhills
Headdteacher: Michelle Motley
Chair of Governors:  Penny Deller
SIA:  Clara Seery
Date:3rd June 2015
Ofsted outcome:  Good
Ofsted date: Mar-14 


Merryhills had their ofsted inspection on 6 and 7 March 2014. 

‘This is a good school.’

‘The areas of improvement from the last inspection report have been successfully addressed.’

‘Pupils achieve well over time and make good progress from their different starting points.’

‘Pupils know exactly what is expected of them and learn well because teachers use their own high level of knowledge well.’

‘Pupils are polite and courteous…’

‘It seems that learning is a natural thing to do for them.’

‘The school has high expectations of good behaviour…’

‘They move around the school with confidence and self-assurance that comes from complete trust in the safety of their environment and the adults in it.’

‘Importantly, pupils love their school and love learning in it.’

‘The curriculum is very strong and wholly underpinned by a system of values…’

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