Meet the Parents Association


Nasim Ahmad
Natalie Gardiner
Marianne Tyler Brown
Caroline Weightman




Isobel Gibbon.


Nasim Ahmad

I have daughters in year six and in year one. The PA has offered so much to the school, a part of our children’s future, that I was inspired to offer my support and commitment.

Marianne Brown 

I am so pleased to have the chance to be one of the Chairs with such a great team. I hope to especially contribute to the arts and creative side of the PA when helping to plan and organise the many wonderful fundraising events with Merryhills PA. My daughter is in year one and I can already see how the PA has been an important part of her school life.

 Natalie Gardiner

My son is in year one at Merryhills and my daughter will hopefully be starting Reception in 2016.  Money raised by the PA has benefited all children at the school by paying for facilities and equipment, such as the timber trail, and I really wanted to be involved to help ensure the great events and fundraising is continued.

Caroline Weightman

I have a daughter in year one and another that hopefully will attend Merryhills in the future. I really wanted to be part of the PA as it does such a great job in raising funds for all our children to benefit from.

Isobel GIbbon

I have a son in year five and a daughter (Merryhills educated) now in year nine. I’ve been on the PA committee since 2009 and have witnessed many amazing learning opportunities and the addition of new equipment funded by the PA. I’m determined to ensure all Merryhills children continue to benefit from funds we raise.