At Merryhills we take a positive approach towards behaviour.  We have a user friendly Behaviour Policy that children and parents are familiar with and is used by all members of staff.We like to recognise pupils that are doing the right thing in our school by following the ‘Merryhills Code’.

We have a Sun and a Cloud system where children start every day on a Sun (depending on the age group).  Children are encouraged to stay on the Sun or Star through positive praise. When required children are given warnings to remind them of the Merryhills Code.

If, unfortunately, a child has to move off of the sun to a cloud and, after encouragement, is unable to make the right choices and get back on track to the sun, then a further level of consequences will be triggered in line with our behaviour policy.

Children who have earned special stickers at the end of each week will be rewarded with a celebratory WOW!

Our Behaviour Policy and Safe to Learn policy can be viewed by using the links below…

House System

We also have a House System where each child can earn house points for trying hard in their learning, for positive behaviour and representing our   school values. The children earn points for their teams and our School Council have made the decision that the team with the most house points each half term gets to wear their house colours for a day at school.

Our house colours are RubySapphireEmerald and Topaz

Behaviour Policy

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Safe to Learn policy

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